• In this post, I would like to give you an rough idea how I run my games and what you can expect from me, should you be interested in joining one of my games.
  • This post will be updated, when something new happens in my game and should be covered here.

How do I run my games then?

  • This can obviously depend on specific game system, but generally speaking I try to be laid back about most things.
  • No matter the system I’m always fan of the PCs and I’m not playing against players - it’s collaborative storytelling, not some king of Player versus GM.
  • Players are encouraged to talk to me about any issue they might be having
    • Would you like to change something in the game?
    • Other player(s) are making the game less enjoyable?
    • Do you have suggestion to improve something?
    • … Let’s talk. I’ll do me best to handle anything you bring to my attention

Kicking player out is a possibility as last resolve

  • So far, I’ve been lucky enough to not have an asshole player in my game, but should it happen, I’ll kick their ass, even if it’s a payed game.
    • Player can be kicked on the spot, if their behaviour is really bad. With minor incident we can talk about it and see, if we can make it work.
    • A short interview before accepting a player and Session 0 should hopefully reduce the chance of that happening.

System specific

Pathfinder 2e

How do I rule the rules?

  • I’m not a hardcore follower of every rule in every situation.
    • Rule of cool can be applied in some cases.
  • On the other hand rules are there for a reason, so don’t expect me to hand wave everything. The are better systems for that kind of play.